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Klout Finally Gets Down To Business

By John Joyce on March 22, 2013 - Comments 0

Klout for BusinessI have always seen Klout as a unique way to get an exclusive offer in front of influencers and potential new customers but, never really considered it a “business class” marketing platform. With the announcement of Klout for Business this week, companies will now have access to a complimentary set of analytic tools with detailed insights into how and where influencers are engaging with their brands in social media.

After running a couple of perks on the Klout network in the past myself, I was frustrated by the lack of feedback and analytic insights so I’m pleased to see this functionality coming to fruition.  Klout is collecting such valuable data regarding the interactions between so-called “digital influencers” (of whom Klout claims to reach 70%) and prospective consumers of your products and services, that it seems like a logical progression to move in this direction.

What Does Klout for Business Offer?

Klout for Business will continue to develop into a portal where we intend to help brands and agencies streamline their understanding, management and engagement with this important segment of the digital population. Our goal is to help brands and influencers build relationships that transcend the current advertiser-consumer dynamic.

The delivery of Klout for Business wisdom will come in the form of a dashboard where brands will be able to easily understand (1) their audience; (2) optimizing their reach within the appropriate networks to reach their target influencers; (3) popular topics within their core target; and (4) the top conversations and “moments” driving their campaign.  (see sample below)

Klout for Business - Network View Klout for Business Topics View








Klout is just starting the process of beta testing this new service so head over to their site and sign up if you want to help guide this effort and empower you to nurture your relationships with key influencers and cultivate your brand.


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