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Is the New Verizon ‘Share Everything Plan’ Really Going to Save You Money?

By John Joyce on June 28, 2012 - Comments 2

Verizon Share Everything PlanVerizon launched its Share Everything Plan today which finally allows you to share voice, text and, yes, data across multiple devices.  If you already have a personal plan with Verizon where multiple devices are being managed with separate data plans, it might make sense to look into this new option to see if you can bring your monthly costs down.

You can actually use this Cost Calculator to compare your existing monthly spend with a new Share Everything Plan to see if there is going to be any savings for your particular scenario.  In most cases, it appears that the cost of the new plan is either the same or slightly cheaper.  There is also the potential for savings for an individual or family with only two devices.

A typical family plan comparison would look like this:

Old Verizon Family Plan

  • 2000 minutes for 4 phones = $120
  • Unlimited texting = $30
  • 3 data plans (2GB each) = $90
  • 1 mobile hotspot (2GB) = $20
  • 2 tablets (2GB each) = $60
  • Total =$320

There would be a $10 a month savings if they purchased a comparable configuration using the Share Everything Plan.

New Verizon Share Plan

  • 2 tablets = $20
  • 1 hotspot = $20
  • 3 smartphones = $120
  • 1 feature phone = $30
  • 12 GB of data = $120
  • Total = $310

A smaller family plan comparison would break down as follows:

Old plan

  • 1400 voice minutes = $90
  • 2 data plans (2GB each) = $60
  • 1000 text messages = $20
  • Total = $170

New Plan

  • 2 smartphones = $80
  • 4GB of data = $70
  • Total: $150

In this case, there is a monthly savings of $20.

What do you think?

UPDATE:  Although I had kept my unlimited data plan after Verizon phased out that option, I was never going above 1G of usage. So, I decided to take the plunge and migrate to the Share Everything Plan.  The real benefit for me is being able to upgrade feature phones to smartphones without having to pay an additional $30+ per month for a separate data plan.  It’s now just an additional $10 per month for a smartphone using the Share Everything Plan.


Comments (2)

  • John Joyce says:

    Rural Bob, you are correct. The full retail price is only charged to customers that have held on to their unlimited plans. (which I have done)
    Those who upgrade/switch to the Share Everything plan will still receive subsidized device prices.

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