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Don’t Forget the ‘Info’ When Creating Infographics

By John Joyce on July 18, 2012 - Comments 0

What are the best infographics of 2012?

Check out some of the top infographics for 2012 over at HubSpot.

Infographics are quickly becoming the bane of the web mostly due to the lack of actual or accurate data to support the pretty picture that has been designed as a delivery vehicle.

You need look no further than recent comments by Matt Cutts in an interview with Eric Enge where he discusses the importance of not only creating original content but making sure you’re bringing unique and valuable information to the table.  And by ‘valuable’ I mean accurate insight that is easily consumable.  Matt voices his apprehension with infographics, “What concerns me is the types of things that people are doing with them. They get far off topic, or the fact checking is really poor. The infographic may be neat, but if the information it’s based on is simply wrong, then it’s misleading people.”

Visual.ly, the website that brings together designers and businesses in need of infographics, understand the need to create compelling and accurate data visualizations as a part of an effective content strategy.  If you haven’t checked out Visual.ly, you should definitely give it a try.  You can create some fun Facebook and Twitter infographics but, if you want to create truly compelling infographics for your business, you should probably leave that up to the 32K designers in the Visual.ly community.

Anybody can create a PowerPoint presentation but that doesn’t mean anybody should.  We’ve all learned in business that it’s best to leave that type of project to the professionals and now we can say the same about infographics.

Do you have any infographic stories to share?


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