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Formalizing The Internal Promotion Process For Your Small Business

By John Joyce on February 21, 2013 - Comments 0

Promoting Your EmployeesIf your business is in growth mode and you’re ready to promote from within, you need to develop a formal process for identifying, interviewing and elevating your star players.  There are many reasons why you would choose to search internally as opposed to looking for outside candidates as highlighted by this list from the NFIB.  The continuous theme here is the fact that you need to formalize a process to ensure a systematic approach:

  1. Management should meet with employees being considered for promotion and discuss possibilities with them. An employee should never be promoted without first having the opportunity to give input regarding increased time commitment, increased or changed job responsibility and overall career direction.
  2. Promotion from within should not be approached in a random fashion. Career paths and the potential for promotion should be laid out for employees even during the hiring process. This sets up a systematic channel for promotion, organizes management as they look for potential employees to promote and minimizes the potential for jealous behavior.
  3. When two or more employees are vying for the same promotion, it’s essential that those who lose out do not feel that any hidden agenda was involved. The entire process should be transparent. Don’t wait until the big company meeting to make the announcement—leaving those who didn’t get promoted surprised, disappointed and possibly embarrassed.

Now, you’re a small business, so the process shouldn’t become overly intricate and cumbersome but it needs to be consistent.  Let’s face it, it’s not like you’re picking the next Pope.  (see below)




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