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Do What You Love And It Will Show

By John Joyce on November 9, 2009 - Comments 1

I came across this video clip over the weekend and it’s a great illustration of harnessing your passion to fuel business success.  John Nese was able to take a childhood idea and turn it into a thriving niche retail business that empowered him to tell the giants of the industry (Coke and Pepsi) that he wasn’t interested in selling their products.  I almost felt like I was watching a scene from the movie “Being There” because Mr. Nese makes everything so easily understandable.  His passion is undeniable and it goes beyond just being a soda pop enthusiast.  Here are my takeaways from this great story:

1. Know your customer.

2. Know your product.

3. Know your market.

4. Maintain a clear vision and execute.

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